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Replacement Anemometer Cups
19.96 £19.96
Anemometer WSTX56IT
69.95 £69.95
Anemometer 30-3149
69.95 £69.95
Rain Gauge WS2300-16
39.95 £39.95
Rain Gauge 30-3148
46.96 £46.96
Rain Gauge 30-3161
21.95 £21.95
Rain Gauge WSTX26IT
27.95 £27.95
Rain Gauge WSTX5
27.95 £27.95

Grid  List 

1 to 24 of 84 items

We stock a full range of sensors and spare parts for our weather stations. Brands we retail include Davis, LaCrosse and TFA Dostman.


Many of the sensors we stock are also compatible with other brands - almost all of the weather stations on the market today are made by the above companies and then re-branded.


Many sensors also work on the same frequency and often, it is possible for us to match up a compatible sensor with an existing weather station.


We have an extensive range, so if you can't find the part you require please do call our office and speak to one of our experts. 

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