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Analogue Rain Gauges

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Rain Gauge with Memory
12.95 £12.95
Rain Gauge Stainless Steel
72.95 £72.95
Rain Gauge Standard
11.95 £11.95
Rain Guage On Single Rod
12.95 £12.95
Black Point Rain Gauge
9.95 £9.95
Rain Gauge 24.5cm
£8.37 £11.95

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We stock a fantastic range of traditional analogue rain gauges, which have measurement scales printed on them. These gauges are made so they can be attached to a pole or left on ground level. 


Ideally rain gauges need to be mounted at least a foot off the ground but no higher than 6 feet, but they can be mount higher if required your readings may be a little lower.


Please contact us on our number at the top if you need more help selecting the right gauge for you.

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