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Bird Feeders

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Small Plastic Bird Feeder
7.95 £7.95
Large Plastic Bird Feeder
10.95 £10.95
Bird Feeding Station
46.95 £46.95
Printed Tube Feeder
8.95 £8.95
Small Peanut Feeder
9.95 £9.95
Grey Ceramic Bird Feeder
14.95 £14.95
Blue Nestling Bird Feeder
24.95 £24.95
Yellow Nestling Bird Feeder
24.95 £24.95
Hamlet Bird Feeder
32.95 £32.95

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9 item(s)

Our stylish range of bird feeders are designed to be placed outdoors to supply bird food.


Different species of bird have different food preferences, so it’s well worth picking a type of bird that you would like to attract, and ensuring that the correct food is supplied, in order to get the most from your feeder.


Bird feeders are often used at entry level to birdwatching, allowing you to monitor activity from the comfort of your own home. Some even chose to focus webcams on to feeders to ensure all activity is recorded.

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