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We stock a great range of traditional and modern wall barometers.

We stock the ever-popular banjo barometers and we also have a great selection of modern versions with models in glass and metal.

A number of these barometers are weather proof and are suitable for outside use, adding an attractive feature to your garden.

If you would like help choosing a barometer we will be more than happy, please call the telephone number above.


Wall barometers are traditional weather stations that help you predict what the weather is going to be like. They work on air pressure, when the air pressure is low a barometer will show the weather is deteriorating so there is an increased risk of rain. When the air pressure is rising this indicates the weather is going to get better.

Depending on how fast the pressure is changing gives a good indication of how quickly the weather is too. After some practice and getting familiar with a barometer you will soon get a feel for how quickly the weather is changing.

The way barometers have worked has not changed since the invention of the aneroid barometer over 150 years ago, but there designs have widened considerably with many variants of traditional as well as more modern material. You can choose from a wide range of traditional barometers such as the classic banjo barometers styles. You will find a good choice of wood finishes oak, mahogany, walnut, pine, beech, cherry and natural wood.

The barometer is still a very popular feature and gift, it has moved with the times and comes in a variety of modern materials to complement our modern lifestyle. You can choose from our modern barometer range finished in stainless steel for a clean look ,or we have contemporary designs in wood and glass.

If you have a fascination for the weather and are looking for forecasting over traditional style you might want to take a look at our digital barometers or digital weather stations as they are more commonly known. These digital barometers still use the same principle as the traditional barometer but in electronic format. They sample the air pressure frequently and then make predictions based on what the barometric pressure is doing. This means you will find it easier to read as the digital display shows weather icons to help you understand how the weather is changing.

Outdoor or garden barometers are very popular with gardeners and make a great gift, they will really appreciate and enjoy. There has always been a fascination with the weather and these weather resistant barometers sit right in the environment where they will get constant use. Many feature temperature and humidity readings making them practical as well as enjoyable for gardeners.

Gardeners who have a greenhouse will also find having a barometer invaluable as it makes keeping the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity just right to get the most out of your potting. Knowing how the weather is changing also helps when you have more fragile seedlings to take care of.

Many people may also remember in their youth the weather house, very popular in the seventies and making a comeback today as a retro gift. It features a woman and a man that move in and house of a house to indicate the changing weather. Strongly associate with German and Switzerland these houses are designed along the theme of an Alpine Chalet.